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How Tenonprep Is Different

Work Experience

I have significant corporate work experience in areas that rarely produce trainers (finance, legal, supply chain, and risk management); this allows me to provide valuable insight from a different viewpoint.


I believe trainings are most successful when they occur at a scheduled time during which all participants attend, instead of asynchronous learning.


I only lead trainings in areas that I have personal and professional experience.


I believe teaching, sharing, and learning is best done in-person, instead of virtually.


Unlike completing exercises on an app, Tenonprep exercises involve partner work and group discussion, because we can learn just as much from each other as we can from the materials.

Legal Training

As a licensed attorney, I have been trained to examine issues from all angles and to untangle complex problems; I use these skills in my trainings.


I use real-world examples from business and industry, instead of hypotheticals.  The job descriptions used in Tenonprep exercises are for real jobs at real companies.

Critical Thinking

Learning is maximized when the participants come to their own conclusions instead of being told the answers - that's why Tenonprep exercises involve asking questions and critical thinking.


I am passionate about what I teach - you'll see this immediately.


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